Krantz Russet
Krantz Russet was jointly
released by the Minnesota and
Texas breeding programs in 1985.  
Today, it is most commonly grown in
Atlantic Canada.  Krantz Russet
may be the most scab resistant
russet on the planet.  If you are a
scab challenged grower with a high
soil pH, have recently limed, spread
manure or have a history of scab, --
this variety will allow you to reclaim
those acres for potato production.
- medium maturity
- early sizing
2007 yields >450 cwt./acre
- very few B-size or misshapes
- excellent size profile
- very bright lightly russeted skin
- extreme common scab resistance
- extreme hollow heart resistance
- moderate verticillium resistance
- strong upright open vine
- unfortunate oblong to blocky shape
- tubers <6 oz. are roundish
- potential for growth cracks
- very short dormancy
- susceptible to fusarium seed piece decay
- poor basal eye distribution
- shallow tuber set
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"The Krantz has many features that make it a good
russet for the Eastern US.   We first grew the Krantz
for its' scab resistance, -- but we've come to like the
variety for its' carton pack-out."            
  James Spychalla