Dedicated Seed Facilities at Kohm & Spychalla, LLC

Our Facilities

Clean air tissue culture laboratory and growth rooms

Molecular lab with ELISA and qPCR pathogen diagnostics
Pilot scale phytotrons
Aphid-exclusion greenhouse

Vertical minituber NFT hydroponics system

Aeroponic minituber system

Minituber walk-in cooler storage

130,000 cwt. of refrigerated storage

850 acres of Antigo Silt Loam as part of Spychalla Farms

Varietal library, currently housing: Crestone Russet, Silverton Russet, Mackinaw, Petoskey, Lady Liberty, NY163, Atlantic, Langlade, Yukon Gold, Rose Finn Apple, and Red La Soda
Cold Room
Greenhouse 2
NFT Room 2

Kohm & Spychalla, LLC

N4244 State Highway 52
Antigo, WI. 54409

Barbel Kohm or James Spychalla